Monday, November 20, 2006

Musical Theatre "Ethics Revue" Offers 3 CLE Credits in Denver 12/13 (Or: Your State's CLE Agenda Pales by Comparison)

Posted by Alan Childress

The bar announcement trumpets, "If you are only going to see one CLE musical this fall...."  This one is co-performed by the Colorado Bar Association's Ethics Committee--over dinner--and allows pre-registration here.  They admit:  "Your mental image of the 50-year-old CBA Ethics Committee is of sixty scholarly, Seventeenth Street solicitors whose average IQ is about 145. The last time one of them told a joke was in 1972. And it was dry. Dusty dry. The Ethics Committee's idea of a good time is reading disciplinary decisions from Delaware. They still sip sherry and wear three-piece silk suits."  Don't let that stop you from earning 3 hours of ethics CLE over chicken.  The event is Dec. 13 and a colorful PDF brochure has detailed information. 

Alternatively, the same bar site front page yesterday touted a new article in it bar journal entitled, "Colorado Revisits the Rule Against Perpetuities," thereby putting some poor trusts-and-estates author in the equivalent position of following animals or children on-stage.  Let's face it:  the rule against perpetuities is just not as sexy as it sounds, at least not since 1981's Body Heat.

Anyway, back to the CLE program: actual topics include conflicts of interest, confidentiality, witness prep, and deposing opposing counsel -- while actual songs, really, are entitled: 517854_pure_music_1_2

  •   >>  "It's the Most Ethical Time of the Year"
  •   >>  "The Twelve Days of Conflicts-Checking Diligence"
  •   >>  "Super Lawyer"
  •   >>  "Pro Bono Obligation Song"
  •   >>  "A Spooky Little Witness Like You"
...although we add that apparently New Jersey attorneys will get no CLE credit for the Super Lawyer segment and may even have to cover their ears while humming "Henery the Eighth" to block it out.

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