Friday, November 3, 2006

Collins on Prosecutorial Practices in the Duke Lacrosse Case

Jennifer M. Collins (Wake Forest) uses her experience as a former D.C. prosecutor of homicide cases to good end:  to raise some great questions in an interesting post on Concurring Opinions called, Prosecutorial Practices and the Duke Lacrosse Case.  In her first post as a guest blogger, she does not shy from controversy.  She particularly wonders about the DA's decision not to interview, still, the complaining witness about the night in question, as well as the apparent under-use of the grand jury.  The readers' comments in reply to her post are also interesting and tease out differences between the grand jury in N.C. and D.C., to which Collins replies, "perhaps this case will serve as a catalyst for revisiting current thinking related to [N.C.] grand jury practice."  [Alan Childress]

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