Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Teaching-job postings in legal profession/legal ethics

I noticed in an SSRN email (Legal Scholarship Network) that Michigan State University's law school is looking to fill a chair in "Professional Responsibility, where a nationally significant scholar would be eligible for appointment to the Frank J. Kelley Chair in Ethics," among other openings they list.  That chair is for "experienced teachers."  Their list of openings for entry-level positions also names professional responsibility as a desired subject, along with commercial law, contracts, and civ pro.  (Here is their general website.) In either event, the application is made to:    

                     Prof. Kevin W. Saunders
                     Senior Associate Dean
                     Law College Building
                     Michigan State University
                     East Lansing, MI 48824

Any chair of an appointments committee who would like to post similar information on this blog about hiring needs in the legal profession, ethics, or professional responsibility should feel invited to do so as a Comment below this post. 

A useful, and fairly complete, listing of the various Chairs of Appointments at several law schools (for both lateral and entry level positions) was blogged over the summer on PrawfsBlawg and is linked here.  Sometimes it is especially hard to find information about lateral hiring, so I recommend the posting for that distinction and contact information. That site also indicates that Temple may hire a tenure track (entry level?) person in PR.  (I also recall that the University of Tennessee was looking to fill a need in legal ethics, I believe by an entry-level or experienced person, but don't see it listed on that post.) Finally, Jeff has already recommended Brad Wendel's excellent and wry essay on the appointments process and its resume requirements. Good luck, everyone.  [Posted by Alan Childress]

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