Monday, October 2, 2006

NNR Heading as New Email Term

As newspapers and efficiency studies lament the time drain of emails (also affecting lawyers and society so that is my hook to say this here [I know, lame]), I propose we all start putting  NNR  for 'need not reply' in the headings right after RE (even with a title following) of all emails that just provide information.  I'd bet those emails would get opened first and more often than ones not so identified.  I think people believe they have to reply to an email to be polite so they do, and the endless communications snowball starts.  That could be cut considerably by an ethic of giving information with no expectation of reply.  If this catches on, I have calculated that email ping-pong will reduce by 642%.  --Childress

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Color coding might work, too. I've noticed that some email headers now sport fancy colors (at least in my version of Outlook) -- why not put this trivial technological enhancement to good use?

Posted by: P Katz | Oct 13, 2006 3:39:12 PM

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