Saturday, October 28, 2006

New Feature, Signs of the Pedagogical Apocalypse - Part Deux, and One Reason Why New Orleans Is So Cool

Legal Profession Blog is pleased to announce that interactivity with our readers (thank you both) is Achildressnow enhanced with the addition of the "Recent Comments" listing on the lower left hand side bar.  The salutary effect is that it will now be publicly apparent when Alan (left) and I are simply commenting on each other's posts, and we may stop.

On a completely different topic, several weeks ago, I unveiled the "fish pun" participation technique I used in my Business Enterprises class.  Unfortunately, like so many of my clever ideas, this also had a shad ending.  Nobody volunteered a pun.  Perhaps they thought it was a croppy idea.  I felt somewhat redeemed when a student not in my class suggested that the discussion of governance should include mention of the "poisson pill."  All this demonstrates is that as a pedagogue, I have a long roe to hoe.

Finally, why New Orleans is so cool.  Everybody knows everybody.  When Alene and I were down herePiazza on a visit last April, we stopped in one of the neatest bookstores in the world, the Garden District Book Shop.  I bought a little book by a New Orleans writer named Tom Piazza (right) about his Katrina experience called Why New Orleans Matters (HarperCollins, 2006).  I went out to dinner last night with some friends who had invited another friend - Mary Howell, Tulane Law School alumna and well-known civil rights lawyer here.  Our mutual friends asked, "where's Tom?" (he was out of town) and it turned out that Mary was the Mary in Why New Orleans Matters - Tom's partner, and whose parents farm in Missouri was the place to which they evacuated, and where Tom wrote the book. 

I should add:  one of the mutual friends is Bob Marshall, the Times-Picayune reporter who broke the stories on the failures of the Army Corps of Engineers in the design and construction of the levees.  I can't mention Bob without referring to need to begin the restoration of the wetlands that lie between New Orleans and the Gulf.  Last night, Bob, who also covers environmental issues and outdoor sports (bullet and hook, as they say) mentioned the plan he supports to use treated sewage as a way of rebuilding the wetlands.  There are bumper stickers available, but this being a family-oriented blog, I can't repeat what they say.  [Jeff Lipshaw]

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Yes, Jeff, the new feature gives that reality away. We could just call or email each other. And three-way call Mike. Nah.

Reminds me of the legend of the law professor who claimed his work was so theoretical and intelligent that there were only four or five people who could read and understand it. A colleague then replied, Couldn't you just call them? I suspect that the fish puns are such a high-level communication as well.

Posted by: Alan Childress | Oct 28, 2006 12:55:03 PM

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