Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Ethics in Representing Children--UNLV Conference Now Published

posted by Alan Childress

For the results of UNLV's conference on representing children (including ethics issues), here's the link to the SSRN abstract.  The conference co-organizer, Prof. Annette Appell, writes there that UNLV "hosted a working conference, Representing Children in Families: Children's Advocacy and Justice Ten Years After Fordham, on January 11-14, 2006. The conference was a follow-up to the Conference on Ethical Issues in the Legal Representation of Children held at Fordham University School of Law in December 1995, which produced the influential Recommendations of the Conference on Ethical Issues in the Legal Representation of Children. The UNLV conference brought together nearly 100 academics and child and youth advocates...."

She adds that their work is now "published in 6 Nevada Law Journal 571-1423 (2006). The volume's table of contents, Foreword (by Bruce Green and Annette Appell), Recommendations, and Working Group Reports are available on the conference website..." or just the table of contents through her SSRN link.  [I note that the website features a nice photo of everybody involved, and they seemed glad to have attended, including the ubiquitous rabbit ear trick which suggests some of them represent children because they, happily, think like them.]


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