Monday, October 9, 2006

ALI-ABA Webcast on Ethics Issues Friday the 13th

Posted by Alan Childress

Here is the West information page on an audio- or video-webcast "Ethics Update" program of three and a quarter hours, including accidental clients and "red flags."  Although the West email circulating about this could give more coverage information and less hype ("The hottest ethical issues discussed!"), I note that the content is provided by the reputable and substantive ALI-ABA organization.  You'd have to go to the link to find out that the speakers are actually quite good, including my colleague at GW Susan Martyn (who did not put me up to this) and Kathleen Clark at Wash U., as well as speakers from a law firm, the bar, and in-house.  In contrast (to the subject 127265_83416399matter ambiguity of hot), their "people who also bought" suggestions box features one program that I think I understand the contents by its title:  "Don't Lie, Cheat, or Steal!"  We are pleased to observe that West did not put an asterisk on the title, though disappointed that such advice is not considered hot.

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