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July 28, 2008

Fundação Getúlio Vargas meeting on Institutions and Organizations

Thanks to Danny Sokol (Florida) for letting us know about the upcoming meeting at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Brazil on “Institutions and Organizations. There is still the possibility to submit paper proposals.  The meeting will be held in São Paulo, October 13th - 14th 2008. Following is the call for papers.

The III Research Workshop on Institutions and Organizations will be held at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV-SP) from October 13th to 14th 2008. The III RWIO is sponsored by three Brazilian Academic Institutions (Fundação Getúlio Vargas São Paulo, IBMEC São Paulo and University of São Paulo). Seminar participants will discuss recent developments in the analysis of institutions and organizations through the lenses of Economics, Management, Sociology, Law and other social sciences. Instead of focusing on the contributions of specific disciplines dealing with institutions and organizations, workshop participants will emphasize differences and commonalities among different approaches, leading to potential advances and refinements in the field.  We encourage the participation of researchers of Brazilian and international institutions. The following program is based on both invited and selected papers.  The organizational committee invites the submission of papers to the following the topics:

Panel I: Organizations, law and corruption

Panel II: Institutions and Development

Panel III: Institutions and environment

Panel IV: Psychological issues and organization strategies

Panel V: Industrial and competition policy


-Deadline for submission of an extended abstract: July 28th 2008 EXTENDED DEADLINE!!

-Acceptance of proposal: August 5th 2008

-Deadline for submission of final papers: September 1st 2008

-Acceptance of final papers: September 15th 2008

Proposal must be sent in English as PDF attachment to and should include an extended abstract (maximum of 1.000 words). A confirmation message will be sent.

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May 15, 2008

LSA schedule for CRN on Law and Development

The CRN on the Rule of Law, State-Building and Transition will sponsor several panels at the upcoming Law and Society Association Annual Meeting in Montreal.  Panel descriptions follow:

Session 1104: Sharia and National Law: Between Tradition, Politics and the Rule of Law I

Thursday May 29, 8:15-10:00 AM Room 04

Chair: Jan Michiel Otto (Leiden University)

Sharia and National Law in Morocco

*Léon Buskens (Leiden Uinversity)

Sharia’ and National Law: Legal Conflict in Malaysia’s Dualist Legal System

*Andrew J. Harding (University of Victoria)

National Law, Divine Law, and the Rule of Law

*Salem Nasser (Getulio Vargas Foundation)

Sharia and National Law: A Global Survey

*Jan Michiel Otto (Leiden University)

Session 1304: Judiciaries as Catalysts for Rule of Law and Conflict

Thursday May 29, 12:30-2:15 PM  Room 04

Chair/Discussant: Cynthia Alkon (Applachian School of Law)

Judicial Predictability and Development: The Judicial Predictability and the Discourses on Institutional Reforms in the Justice System

*Luciana G. Cunha (Fundação Getulio Vargas)

Constitutional Borrowing: A Reason for Civil War in Lebanon?

*Cordelia Koch (Peace Research Institute, Frankfurt)

Rule of Law and Judicialization in Japan's Post-Regulatory State

*Veronica Taylor (University of Washington)

Discussant: Christopher PM Waters (University of Windsor)

Session 1404: Sharia and National Law: Between Tradition, Politics and the Rule of Law II

Thursday May 29 2:30-4:15 PM Room 04

Chair/Discussant: Andrew J. Harding (University of Victoria)

Sharia and National Law in Nigeria

Maarten Barends (UNDP CO Sudan), Albert J. Dekker (Van Vollenhoven Institute), *Philip Ostien (University of Jos, Nigeria)

Sharia and National Law: Between Tradition, Politics and Rule of Law Panel B

*Mustafa Kocak (University of Kocaeli/ Georgetown University)

Sharia and National Law in Pakistan

*Martin Lau (University of London)

Sharia and National Law: Between Tradition, Politics, and Rule of Law

*Jan Michiel Otto (Leiden University)

The Role of the Sharia in Tunisian Family Law

*Maaike Voorhoeve (Amsterdam University)

Session 2404: Law’s Double Face in Development

Friday May 30, 2:30-4:15 PM  Room 04

Chair/Discussant: Bronwen Morgan (University of Bristol)

Could There Be a Human Right to Development, and What Would This Mean for International Institutions and TNCs?

*Bill Bowring (University of London)

Rule of Law or Washington Consensus: The World Bank's Choice

*Julio Faundez (University of Warwick)

The Magic of International Commercial Arbitration: Everyone Please Hold on to Your Wallets

*June McLaughlin (University of London)

The Protection of Cultural Heritage and Investors' Rights: Conflict or Coherence?

*Valentina S. Vadi (European University Institute)

Session 2504: Modalities, Problems and Outcomes in Legal Technical Assistance

Friday May 30, 4:30-6:15 PM  Room 03

Chair/Discussant: Veronica Taylor (University of Washington)

Rule of Law Cultures

*Amy J. Cohen (Ohio State University)

In the Eye of the Beholder: Social Representations of Rule of Law in Brazil

*José G. Ghirardi (Fundação Getulio Vargas)

Outcomes of Conditionalities on Law Reforms in a Decade after the Asian Crisis

*Yuka Kaneko (Kobe University)

Japan’s International Cooperation in the Area of Criminal Justice: Current Status, Problems, and Future Prospects

*Arinori Kawamura (Japan Coast Guard Academy)

Public Procurement in Law and Development Context

*Daein Kim (Ewha Womans University)

Session 3510: Regulatory Perspectives on the Rule of Law

Saturday May 31, 4:30-6:15 PM  Room 10

Chair/Discussant: Randall Peerenboom (Foundation for Law Justice and Society)

Developing a Regulatory Understanding of the "Rule of Law" in Socialist Transforming East Asia

*John S. Gillespie (Monash University)

Cultures of Judicial Review in France and the United States in the Context of Immigrants Rights

*Leila Kawar (New York University)

Transforming Development: How State Transformation Has Changed Dynamics and Prospects for Improving Law and Legal Institutions

*Thomas F. McInerney (International Development Law Organization)

Knowledge Based Economy and New Challenges to the State Intervention: A Case Study of Brazilian Development Bank

*Mario G. Schapiro (Getulio Vargas Foundation)

Session 4103: The Post-Developmental State

Sunday June 1, 8:15-10:00 AM  Room 03

Chair/Discussant: TBA

The Administrative State Situated: The Case of Colombia

*Helena Alviar (Universidad de los Andes)

Striving for Independence, Competence, and Fairness: A Case Study of Beijing Arbitration Commission

*Fuyong Chen (Tsinghua University / UC Berkeley)

The HKSAR Basic Law and Universal Suffrage for the Legislative Council

*Yue Niu (University of Hong Kong)

Towards a Legal Theory of the Post-Developmental State

*Hani Sayed (American University in Cairo)

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March 03, 2008

Draft Report from Financial Globalization and Human Rights Colloquium

Two weeks ago, the Center on Law and Globalization (a joint project of the University of Illinois College and the American Bar Foundation) sponsored a colloquium on Financial Globalization and Human Rights.   A draft report is available here:

Download financial_globalization_and_human_rightsreport.doc .


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February 12, 2008

Kyushu University Conference Report

The Kyushu University conference on Law and Development that I mentioned here was a success in both format and substance. There was a terrific set of papers from both Asian and American scholars, and the large number of graduate students made a wonderful contribution by reading the papers closely and submitting group questions.

One of the most interesting papers was the keynote by David Trubek, who speculated on the emergence of a new version of the developmental state.  In Brazil, for example, the state developmental investment fund has more capital than the entire set of World Bank disbursements over decades. What happens, Trubek asks, when the state becomes a venture capitalist?  This discussion invokes at a domestic level some of the themes in recent talk about sovereign wealth funds, a source of some concern among those who think they may be used for political ends, but also rich with possibilities for socially productive investments.  We'll take up these themes this weekend at the University of Chicago, at the Center for Law and Globalization colloquium on financial globalization.


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January 30, 2008

Upcoming conference in Japan

If you happen to find yourself in Fukuoka, Japan, next month, there is an exciting conference entitled Law and Development at a Crossroads: Asian Alternatives to Universal Schemes? being put on at Kyushu University on February 9-10.  Kyushu is one of the leading centers of Asian legal studies in Japan, and the meeting has been put together by a terrific Mongolian graduate student, Sukhbaatar Sumiya.  Information is available here.

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October 03, 2007

LSA Montreal Call is out!


The theme is Les Territories du Droit: Placing Law.  Comments welcome on the cool bilingual turn at the LSA.

More seriously, comments welcome on the theme, designed to signal "that law is rooted in places — from families and villages to the global economy — and that law has the power to place and displace people in space, time, and relationships. We invite papers and encourage multi-disciplinary scholarship that reflect on the many dimensions of law, place, and power."

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