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June 15, 2009

The Future of Law and Development

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

We are happy to announce a blog symposium on The Future of Law and Development coming soon.  There are many different conceptions of what "law" and "development" mean, let alone what "law and development" mean, and the current moment provides an opportunity to think about the directions the field is headed.  This online symposium will enable us to explore these themes in a cross-disciplinary context.
Our schedule for blog posts:

July 1 - Tom Ginsburg (Chicago) introduces the symposium and offers thoughts on the future of law and development.
July 2 - Salil Mehra (Temple)
July 3 - John Ohnesorge (Wisconsin)
July 5 - Katarina Pistor (Columbia)
July 6 - Anna Gelpern (American)
July 7 - Daniel Kauffmann (Brookings)
July 8 - Mariana Prado (Toronto)
July 9 - John Cioffi (UC Riverside)
July 10 - Susan Franck (Washington & Lee)
July 10 - Adam Feibelman (UNC)
July 11 - Kevin Davis (NYU)
July 11 - Brian Tamanaha (Wash U)
July 12 - Yuka Kaneko (Kobe U)
July 12 - Danny Sokol (Florida) provides thoughts and wraps up

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