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September 30, 2007


Welcome to the Law and Development blog! 

This effort grows loosely out of a Collaborative Research Network (CRN) within the Law and Society Association.  At the most recent meeting in Berlin, this CRN (entitled "rule of law, state-building and transition") sponsored ten panels featuring scholars from a wide range of countries and disciplines.  It was clear to us that we needed an "open" platform to discuss issues related to law and development, legal and institutional reform, economic transition and sustainable international development.

We hope that the blog space will allow us to:

* bring together scholars who are shaping this new phase of development law through research, policy formation, consulting and teaching;
*exchange information on teaching materials and new research;
* debate key questions, issues and methodologies that animate donor-assisted and domestic law and development and legal institutional reform programs;
* explore whether the key questions and issues surrounding indigenous and donor-assisted legal reform vary in different regions;
* broaden our understanding of scholarly and applied approaches to law and development, in both donor and recipient countries.

We hope that we'll be able to generate wide discussion in this space.  For suggestions, private comments or for posting of materials, please email the editors Tom Ginsburg ( or Veronica Taylor (

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