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May 5, 2008

Living the Billable Hour

Ever wonder what it might be like to “live” the billable hour requirement set by an employer?  Stated billable hour requirements typically range between 1800 and 2300 at most law firms (although informal networks often quote much higher numbers). NALP’s Directory of Legal Employers (www.nalpdirectory.com) asks employers for their average associate billable hours. Although many firms choose not to share their data, you can use NALP’s comparison chart feature to assess the different billable requirements of those firms providing such information.

One you have information on an employer’s requirement (or expectation), you can see how your own work schedule will look by using the online work/life balance calculator located at www.envoyglobal.net/jdbliss/test/calculator2.htm.

Carla DeVelder
Notre Dame Law School


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