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April 29, 2008

Got PD?

Is a rose by any other name still just a rose?  Is one man’s subjectivity another’s prejudice?  Is professional development really just career services on steroids or is there something more?  The proliferation of professional development activities managed by law school CSOs suggests that something more is happening.  But what is professional development?  What counts and what does not.  If professional development is the collection of activities we do to get a job, keep a job or get another job isn’t everything old new again?  Admittedly dabbling in the world of PD area is professionally rewarding for most CSO staffers.  Many of us worked for the very employers whose attention students actively seek.  We know that getting in the door is one thing; being retained and promoted is another.  Armed with this knowledge we host workshops on communication styles, leadership training, personality inventories and self-assessments so that our students will work well with others.  After all lawyers work through and with others to accomplish objectives.  So students take note PD activities are more like dessert than broccoli.

Mina Jones Jefferson

University of Cincinnati

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