Saturday, August 30, 2014

French Economists Are Fashionable

Paul Caron posted on the TaxProf Blog a link to the IMF's list of the top 25 economists under the age of 45. Of course, elite institutions and economics departments are heavily represented, but am I the only one to have noticed that seven out of the 25 are French? They include Thomas Piketty, whose book has become a blockbuster (and which I reviewed), and his comrade in arms, Emmanuel Saez (Berkeley). Esther Duflo (MIT), Emmanuel Farhi (Harvard), Xavier Gabaix (NYU), Thomas Philippon (NYU), and Helene Rey (London Business School) complete the list.

What's going on here? Don't they just teach socialism in France?? Are there any OECD countries in greater need of labor reform? Why does a country with just five percent of the population of OECD countries produce seven out of the top 25 young economists? My speculation is that the work of these French economists have taken on increased relevance: poverty and  inequality, the causes and effects of the financial crisis, and exhorbitant executive compensation. That, plus they're really good.

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