Thursday, February 13, 2014

ATL Post Was Simply Wrong

I typically do not respond to posts on ATL, but a recent post on that blog hurt students who were doing great work in support of Black History Month, and who were participating in a national movement to bring awareness of HIV/AIDS in African American and Black communities.

Apparently, Ellie Mystal was unaware of this national movement, and did not understand what the BLSA students at Ole Miss were doing.  The BLSA students are regularly engaged in community service, and this was just one of the many events they planned to make Black History month meaningful and impactful here. Those events included a panel on dispelling racial myths presented in conjunction with the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation at Ole Miss. BLSA will also be sponsoring an expungement clinic at the law school, which is part of a national effort to alleviate poverty and reestablish voting rights.

Ole Miss does have a history of racial discrimination, and we are not proud of that history. Our university today is a much different place than Mr. Mystal imagines.  I invite him to come to Oxford, and see for himself the positive things happening here.

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