Monday, October 14, 2013

Who Are Law School Deans? Dean Jim Rosenblatt Has Data On That.

Dean Jim Rosenblatt (Mississippi College) has created Rosenblatt's Deans Database.  Here's how he describes the database and the information collected there: 

This site provides information about law school deans.  Ever wondered who is the longest serving dean?  Which current dean has held the most deanships?  How many deans were former law professors or judges?  What schools a dean attended?  Who were the former deans at a particular law school?

The RDD is designed to answer these questions and to provide information to those who take an interest in law school deanships.  This database may be used by dean search committees, university officials, or members of the public and is available without charge.

An exciting feature of the RDD is that it is always current.  Unlike printed lists of deans that go out of date quickly when changes occur, the RDD can be updated by individual law schools the instant a change occurs.  These updates are immediately shown on the RDD. 

The National Law Journal recently published an article about the data that can be derived from Rosenblatt's Deans Database, entitled "Yale Beats Harvard--in Producing Law School Deans." From the title, it's obvious that, among other things, data is available about where law deans went to law school. (I would be remiss if I didn't give my own law alma mater a shout out:  the University of Southern California produced three currently sitting deans.) 

In addition, other interesting data is available, including the median length of law deanships (3.24 years) and the longest deanships (John O'Brien of New England School of Law, with more than 25 years as dean).

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