Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Filling Out My US News Ballot

I have received my yearly demand letter from US News telling me my assessment of law school reputations is due on October 21. We clearly have allowed a commercial enterprise to profit from our  insecurity and vanity.

My filling out the ballot does nothing to further the education of my current students, so I have to ask myself how it helps my law school, at all. I suppose it could be argued that filling in my ballot could help my law school recruit students in the future, or that it could help our alums, but how? US News codes the ballots, so my assessment of my own law school will be discounted. The only way I can benefit my broader law school community, would be to say that schools we could pass in the rankings, or who could pass us, are marginal. I am not willing to do that, because to do so would lack integrity.

I would be willing to comply with US News, if I felt that doing so would help legal education, in general, but I don't see how that could be. Maybe I will just go raise some money for scholarships, instead.

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