Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dean Susan Poser on the Link Between Music and Success

Dean Susan Poser (University of Nebraska College of Law) published a New York Times Letter to the Editor about the connection between music education and success.  Dean Poser's letter was in response to "Is Music the Key to Success?" by Joanne Lipman.

Here's a quote from Dean Poser's letter: 

First, playing music provides perspective that is much needed by successful people, who lead busy and stressful lives. As Van Cliburn said in a 1994 interview, “If you hold on to the beauty and the inspiration and the clarity that is music, you will have an anchor ... you will not be too far swayed by what the world is.”

Second, playing music is humbling because it can always be better, more beautiful, more perfect. I play piano in an undergraduate chamber music class in which I am enrolled. The undergraduates, and the faculty coaches, remind me each week that success comes in many forms, from all parts, and that no one can corner the market.


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