Tuesday, October 3, 2017

New Website about Land Use, Resilience Justice, and More

Dear colleagues:

I'm excited to report that the University of Louisville's interdisciplinary Center for Land Use and Environmental Responsibility has a brand new website, http://louisville.edu/landuse.  In particular, the new website features a relatively new project of the Center: The Resilience Justice Project.  It aims to reform laws, public policies, and government programs and plans to improve the resilience (and decrease the vulnerabilities) of marginalized communities, such as low-income communities of color.  We know that marginalized communities bear disproportionate burdens of disturbances, disasters, and changes, such as recent hurricanes and storms, droughts, wildfire, housing foreclosure crises, climate change generally, and many more.  The Resilience Justice Project uses a new policy assessment tool that I developed last year in my work with The City Project in Los Angeles, while visiting at UCLA Law School, to evaluate policies, plans, and programs for their impacts on the adaptive capacities and vulnerabilities of marginalized communities.  The website also highlights other activities at the Center, including our mission, scholars, publications, associate curriculum and extracurricular opportunities, events, and news.  I welcome you to check it out and share any thoughts or feedback you might have to me at tony.arnold@louisville.edu.  Many thanks!  All the best, Tony Arnold


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