Monday, December 16, 2013

PennDesign's "Designing Cities" MOOC

Three professors at Penn Design--Gary Hack, Jonathan Barnett, and Stefan Al--have put together a nice MOOC on urban design called "Designing Cities," which is currently available on Coursera.  Here is the course's blurb:

The course explores visionary and practical concepts of city design and planning, past and present, and how design can address such looming challenges as urban population growth, climate change and rising sea levels. Participants will be encouraged to make proposals for city design and development, starting with their own immediate environment.

I've dipped into several of the segments--each of which is about 10 minutes long--and found them informative refreshers in some instances and a font of new ideas in other cases.  Worth a look despite the headache of having to sign up for a Coursera account. 

Stephen R. Miller

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