Monday, May 21, 2012

Joining the Fray

I want to thank Matt Festa and the Land Use Prof crew for welcoming me to the family. I first blogged here in February 2011 and as Matt notes, I was hesitant to call myself a Land Use Prof. This hesitation centered mostly on the fact that I do not teach Land Use (and indeed had not even taken the class as a student), but as readers will quickly note much of what I write and think about falls firmly into the land use camp. I actually started graduate school back in 1998 thinking I would become a land use planner. Happily, I have found this awesome career and hope to periodically share my thoughts and experiences with you. As Matt noted, I have a couple of nonlaw degrees under my belt and think of myself as an interdisciplinary scholar. I hope to also increase readers' exposure to some nonlaw research in the land use area out there.

Happy to Be Here

Jessie Owley

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