Friday, October 7, 2011

New Land Use Casebook

I just got a review copy of Stewart Sterk and Eduwardo Penalver's casebook, Land Use Regulation.  I don't normally use a casebook in my clinical class - instead, I use an assortment of resources including excerpts from casebooks, legal writing texts, and other sources - so normally review copies go straight onto my office bookshelf for reference purposes.  However, this particular book is intriquingly short, so I paged through it at lunchtime.  It seems like it has an interesting approach to the material, and in light of Ken Stahl's post yesterday it seemed timely to post it. Here's part of the author's description of their "intensely practical focus:"

Although our book is not short on theory, we emphasize questions and problems that land use lawyers have to face on a regular basis – not just before appellate courts, but before zoning boards, planning commissions, and other administrative bodies. In fact one entire chapter of the book is devoted to three extensive development problems that force students to confront the issues central to land use practice. The problems provide an excellent vehicle for classroom role-playing.

Jamie Baker Roskie

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