Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome Michael Lewyn

Lewyn I'm excited to introduce our newest guest-blogger, Michael Lewyn.  Prof. Lewyn is on the faculty of the Touro College Jacob D. Fuschberg Law Center, where he just moved after several years at the Florida Coastal School of Law.  He teaches and writes in the area of property law and land use, specializing in urban and suburban development and sprawl.  He's been a contributor at Planetizen and other places.  You can check out his SSRN page here.  I suspect many of you are familiar with his work, which includes a number of great articles on sprawl and related topics (including my personal favorite: How Overregulation Creates Sprawl (Even in a City Without Zoning).

We're thrilled to have Prof. Lewyn aboard at the Land Use Prof Blog for September.  Welcome!

Matt Festa

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