Monday, June 13, 2011

Testimony about Private Property Rights Protection Act

The recent post about Somin’s article the Judicial Reaction to Kelo reminded me about the Kelo-Era Act (HR 1433) introduced in April. 

John Echeverria (Vermont Law) testified at the House Judiciary hearing. He said, “Only the most compelling national interest could justify such a massive, untimely intrusion into state policy-making, and the case for such an intrusion cannot be made here...approximately 40 states, four-fifths of all the states in the union,  have now adopted some kind of post-Kelo reform measure.  Some applaud the reform steps adopted, while others believe they have at least sometimes been misconceived.  Some believe certain state legislatures have gone too far in curtailing the power of eminent domain, while others believe some states have not gone far enough or have abdicated their responsibility by not imposing any new constraints on this governmental power    The bottom line, however, is that the state legislatures, as well as the voters in many state, have fully engaged on this issue.”    

Read the full testimony
Watch the testimony on YouTube

Kat Garvey

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