Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More on Highway Removal...

Okay.  If you follow this blog much, you probably know that I have a penchant for posting articles that discuss the benefit of removing highways (especially elevated ones) that bisect, trisect, and otherwise disect a city's urban fabric.

I'm a big believer that spending money to destruct bad, existing transportation projects can be just as productive and important as building new ones.  In the deep debt situation that our country is in, resource allocation will be tighter than ever. 

Restoring original street networks can be a cost effective way to address congestion as most of these networks disperse traffic into a grid rather than a bottlenecked arterial system.

More on this important topic from this article discussing the proposed removal of a Dallas highway:

Any effort to get more freeways/expand road capacity undermines all efforts at expanding scope/efficacy of other forms of transportation. Rail, bikes, new kicks for pedestrians become little more than niceties used primarily by the indigent as everybody else thinks life is just fine ... as gas climbs to $5/gallon. What then?

Chad Emerson


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