Monday, April 4, 2011

Los Angeles Becoming a Bicycle Haven?

When you think of the City of Angels, bicycle connectivity isn't typically one of the first things to pop to mind.  However, according to this article, LA is making a big bicycle play:

For the past few years L.A. has been trying to shed its car-centric image and move its population towards public transportation and more eco-friendly means of travel.

Now, the Los Angeles City Council approved a new plan that will give the city a network of 1,680 miles of interconnected bikeways. This would include more than 200 miles of new bicycle routes every five years.

This is a huge move considering the city currently has fewer than 400 miles of bikeways that aren’t really connected to each other.

About $1.75 million each year for bike infrastructure could come from Measure R, a transportation sales tax approved by county voters in 2008. Additional funding will come from state and city transit agency sources, City Councilman Bill Rosendahl said.

Chad Emerson

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