Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Move it! "Active Design" is coming through.

Those of you teaching or interested in design guidelines may wish to check out New York City's new "Active Design Guidelines."  New York City has produced a wonderful 144-page document that "focus[es] on designers' role in tackling one of the most urgent health crises of our day: obesity and related diseases including diabetes."  How does it do this, by focusing on "opportunities to increase daily physical activity, including . . . providing inviting streetscapes for pedestrians and bicyclists."

Complete with historical and medical facts, as well as old photos, the Guidelines detail four primary areas and make recommendations in those areas (Environmental Design & Health; Urban Design; Building Design; and Synergies with Sustainable & Universal Design).  Encouragingly, the Guidelines were a joint venture among the Departments of City Planning, Design & Construction, Transportation, and Health & Mental Hygiene.

Jon Rosenbloom


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