Monday, March 7, 2011

Land Use at ALPS, part III

I've already blogged about the ALPS conference in general, but I want to make sure that all of the land use-related papers from Day 2 get mentioned here, because if you are interested, you should keep your eyes out for the publications.

Jeffrey Jones:  Four Property Wrongs of Self-Storage Law

Bela August Walker: Zoning In: State Power & the Siting of Drug Rehabilitation Clinics

Asmara Tekle: Greening the Lawn in Law: Lawns and Waterways.  I was glad to hear this paper not only as a fellow Houstonian, but also because during the Q&A we were treated to the most eloquent description of what I am hereby officially calling the "Clowney Theory of the Gendered American Lawn."  This is a family-friendly blog, so you'll have to ask Steve for the precise articulation.

Antonia Layard: Public/private use of Property

Tanya Marsh: Regulating God's Acre: Custom, Commerce, and Choice in the American Cemetery

Nick Hopkins & Susan Bright: Evaluating Legal Models of Affordable Home Ownership in England

Magdalena Habdas: Who needs a park or a city square?  The notion of public real estate as a res publicae

Troy Rule: Renewable Energy and the Neighbors

Ngai Pindell: Climate Change and Affordable Housing

Will Cook: Smart Growth and the Preservation of Historic Resources

It was great to see everyone there, and we especially wish safe travels to those who came to AALS from abroad.

Matt Festa

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It was a great conference, and I really enjoyed meeting all of you LandUse Profs. I only wish I could have attended as many talks as I would have liked to!

Posted by: Mark A. Edwards | Mar 8, 2011 6:58:36 PM