Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Slow Development"...

Here's an interesting article discussing the burgeoning idea of "slow development" and how the new economic realities are refocusing how we build and develop:

Fresh from a Smart Growth conference in Charlotte, N.C., Windsor Councilwoman Debora Fudge tweeted this week that the new guiding principle is "slow development," given the current economy.

Fudge said the realization came from a two-hour talk given by architect Andres Duany, often described as the father of New Urbanism, which is synonymous with Smart Growth and its emphasis on designing walkable, dense, mixed-use neighborhoods.

"He said we were moving into a slow development phase, a new way of looking at development based on the new economy staying with us a long time," Fudge said. "We can't afford to optimize things anymore."


Fudge said "optimization" essentially represents many of the demands made on developers, especially the environmental "gold" or "platinum" certifications that denote cutting-edge practices.

"When you want people to build in your city center, you're asking them for higher density and affordable housing," she said. "You can't also demand platinum LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design). People will barely be able to afford to build."

Read the whole article to get more interesting insights into how "slow development" offers one of the few real strategies for rebalancing the currently unbalanced supply and demand in the American development market.

Chad Emerson

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