Thursday, February 3, 2011

People in Foreclosure Need Lawyers

From today's New York Times on-line, an article about how lawyers and courts overwhelmed by the sheer number of foreclosure cases in New Mexico have taken to training homeowners to proceed pro se.  However, nationwide, attorneys agree that what would really help these folks is better access to legal representation.

“We’re getting the people in here, getting them to the table with the bank, but I don’t know what happens to these cases long term,” said Paul Lewis, chief of staff to New York’s chief administrative judge. “Many of the homeowners would do much better with an attorney.”

Hmmmn. Thousands of unemployed lawyers in the US, thousands of homeowners needing lawyers...seems like a match made in heaven.  I know the President has called for a spending freeze, but this seems like a great opportunity to inject some funding into the Legal Services budget and help resolve two crises at once.  The blog also has some ideas for foreclosure prevention.  Any blog readers working on similar efforts in their community?

Jamie Baker Roskie

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Someone needs to start a website to get these unemployed lawyers together with homeowners in need of counsel!!

Posted by: Church Finance | Feb 18, 2011 7:43:29 AM