Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mortgage Meltdown Primer...

One of the advantages of teaching a first year Property course that totals 6 hours (over two semesters) is having a great deal of flexibility in course coverage (though, since we are changing to a one semester, 4 hour course, this flexibility is about to be foreclosed upon).

While I'm not a big proponent of showing videos in class (though the opening scene to Lord of the Rings is perfect for initial/subsequent acquisition issues and I'm a huge fan of Tom Metzloff's videos on Kelo and Lucas), during the land transaction/mortgage section of my Property course this semester, I did spend the time to share part of this video discussing the reasons behind the American mortgage crisis, including several of the key legal issues.

Previously, I used the video in my Land Planning and Development course but I've become convinced that it provides an important enough perspective to share with the first year course instead. 

Of course, as we move to the 4 hour version of Property here at Faulkner, I'll likely have to use it in a different way.  Nevertheless, for an interesting and well-produced primer on the mortgage crisis, I recommend this Four Corners option.

Chad Emerson


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