Sunday, February 6, 2011

Balancing Wind Issues...

I remember driving by a huge wind turbine during a recent vacation and thinking to myself "Wow, that thing really looks huge!"

That's the reason--their large size which can interfere with good views--that wind power can get mixed up in land use disputes.

These aesthetic concerns certainly have value and warrant careful consideration.  At the same time, those concerns should be balanced by this very practical result from the big recent snow storm in Texas (as is typical, even with snow storms, everything the Lonestar state does has to be big, right Matt):

TT: Were there problems with wind-power plants needing to be shut down for high winds or icing blades, and also did nuclear plants have any problems?

Doggett: I'm not aware of any nuclear plant problems, and I'm not aware of any specific issues with wind turbines having to shut down due to icing. I would highlight that we put out a special word of thanks to the wind community because they did contribute significantly through this time frame. Wind was blowing, and we had often 3,500 megawatts of wind generation during that morning peak, which certainly helped us in this situation.

You can find the entire interview with the CEO over Texas' power grid, here.

Chad Emerson

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