Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dreveskracht on Solar Projects and Native American Economic Development

Ryan D. Dreveskracht (LLM, Washington) has posted Native Nation Economic Development Via the Implementation of Solar Projects: How to Make it Work, forthcoming in the Washington and Lee Law Review, Vol. 68.  The abstract:

This Article examines the issues surrounding sustainable economic development in American Indian country via the implementation of solar energy projects. Section II addresses Native American economic development, generally, focusing on Indian gaming, practical sovereignty, capable institutions, and cultural match. Section III discusses solar energy projects: the benefits of solar energy when compared to other types of energy production; the ways that these projects will benefit Indian country, specifically; and the rationale behind implementing solar energy projects as a means to sustainable economic development in Indian country. In arguing for the implementation of solar energy projects, Section III of the Article also provides instruction for the realization of these projects by tribes and state/federal regulatory/legislative bodies. Finally, having argued for and laid out a framework for economic development via solar projects, Section IV offers concluding remarks.

Matt Festa


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