Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nanda & Pancak on State Minimum Service Requirements for Real Estate Brokers

Anupam Randa (University of Reading) and Katherine A. Pancak (Connecticut--Business--Center for Real Estate & Urban Economic Studies) have posted Real Estate Brokers’ Duties to Their Clients: Why Some States Mandate Minimum Service Requirements, published in Cityscape, Vol. 12, No. 2, p. 105, 2010.  The abstract:

This study attempts to determine why certain states have adopted real estate broker minimum service laws in the United States. The federal government and academic literature assume that such laws were the result of anticompetitive industry collusion and, therefore, serve no consumer protection justification. Using hazard models and state data over 8 years, however, we find that factors reflecting state brokerage influence - strong industry associations and broker membership on licensing boards - do not result in the enactment of minimum service laws. Factors suggesting consumer protection motivations - greater number of complaints against brokers, stricter prelicensing requirements, and a Democratic state legislature - increase the likelihood of law adoption.

Matt Festa

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