Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Climate Change Conference at USC

From Cinnamon Carlarne:

The University of South Carolina School of Law invites you to attend the forthcoming conference entitled, “Three Degrees of Separation: Exploring Linkages between International, National, and Regional Climate Policy.” The conference will bring together leading thinkers to examine the implications of the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Conference for climate change law and policymaking at the international, national and local levels with particular regard to the relationship among, and the distinct problems posed by law and policymaking at each level. The objectives of the Conference are three-fold. First, it will analyze how the outcome of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference - and subsequent international negotiations - affects the long-term survival and efficacy of the international climate change regime. Second, it will explore how the Copenhagen Conference was both influenced by, and influential on US domestic climate change law and policymaking efforts. Third, it will seek to improve understanding of the relationship between international, national and regional climate change governance and, in so doing, to consider some of the unique challenges the Southeast faces in developing state and regional climate strategies. In exploring these dimensions of climate policy, we hope to initiate a more nuanced debate on the current state of climate change law and policy at multiple levels of governance and the implications of this for existing and proposed efforts to address climate change.

To learn more about the Conference and to register, please visit the Conference website, and select the link for the registration brochure, Alternatively, please feel free to contact Professor Cinnamon Carlarne at with any questions or comments.

Jamie Baker Roskie

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