Thursday, October 14, 2010

Call for Papers & Commentary

You may have noticed that there has been an upswing in the number of new article abstracts posted here on the blog recently (in addition to the heated Las Vegas debate).  I suspect that's because we are in the aftermath of the fall submission season.  Regardless, there has been an abundance of great new scholarship in land use lately.

I'd like to renew our general invitation to the land use community to let us know about any new papers, studies, or projects you may have that you think would merit some attention.  We would love to post your abstract, or to give you a platform to provide you a more detailed introduction to your scholarship, if you have some interesting thoughts to share.  We had some great guest-blogging earlier this year from Ken Stahl and Jim Kelly about their recent articles.  We look forward to hearing more about the new ideas in the field, so please feel welcome to contact us if you have a new article or would like to contribute to the discussion.  

Matt Festa

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