Sunday, June 6, 2010

Speaking of the Mid Year Property Section Meeting...

In terms of academy meetings, I normally limit my travels to the annual SEALS conference since a) I travel to many other events presenting on smart growth issues and b) Betsy and I have three young boys (all 8 years and under).

Add in the fact that we're adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia (hopefully the adoption will be complete later this year) and, well, travel gets challenging.

But, when I saw this year's AALS Property Section meeting focus on the foreclosure crisis and related issues, in the words of Renee Zelwegger, the event "had me at hello".

This is primarily because I'm working on one article related to the topic and recently published another with the William & Mary Business Law Review (you can find the SSRN version here).

The connection between our sprawling development patterns of the last 50 years and numerous social ills--ranging from poor health to poor fiscal policy--makes this topic one of the most anticipated in a long time.

I hope to see you there.

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