Monday, May 10, 2010

"One Stop" Web Site for Gulf Oil Spill

From Robin Craig at Florida State:

A fairly impressive collection of departments and centers among the Florida
universities are putting together what should become a very helpful one-stop web
site for information on the Gulf spill, hosted (so far, at least) on Florida
State's web site.   Soon there will be links to specific information on
ecological impacts, economic costs, the scope and path of the spill, underwater
and surface photos, data sets, and a legal page (I authored the draft of that
today), all with links to further information.

 The site was officially launched this afternoon and will be growing
quickly.  If you're interested in following events, I'd recommend bookmarking
the page and checking back frequently as the site develops.

See the Oil Spill Academic Task Force website here.

Jamie Baker Roskie

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