Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AALS Mid-Year Meeting on Property

Next month the American Association of Law Schools will have its mid-year meeting in New York, and one of the three primary subject matter workshops this year is the Workshop on Property, June 10-12.  There will be a terrific program focusing on the property law implications of two major issues: the mortgage crisis, and global warming.  Check out the brochure.  From the write-up:

Why Attend? Two major crises in the last few years have exposed deep tensions and pressures on our understanding of property law.  The foreclosure of more than 2 million homes, and the anticipated default of another 6 million mortgages has shaken common notions about the ability of consumers to understand real estate transactions and the terms of their mortgage contracts, posed stark questions about the failure of the law to limit the ability of the market to produce property transactions that created significant principal/agent costs, moral hazards, and externalities, and presented challenging questions about racial disparities in access to prime credit and in the underwriting of troublesome new mortgage products.  Similarly, vigorous debates over the responsibility of industrialized countries to control global warming, the need to protect future generations from the effects of global warming, and the fair allocation of the burdens of reducing greenhouse gases similarly have posed challenging questions about the regulation of risk from activities on private property, the nature of property owners’ obligations to future generations, and the failure of regulation to control externalities from the use of property.  Both crises raise serious theoretical and practical challenges to traditional notions about the comparative advantages of the free market, our ability to craft property laws that limit systematic risk without unduly discouraging innovation, and the continuing inability of the law to prevent racial discrimination, exclusion and exploitation. . . .

Who Should Attend? This workshop should be of interest to teachers of Property Law, Real Estate Transactions, Land Use Law, Environmental Law, Natural Resources, Indian Nations and Indigenous Peoples, Regulation, Financial Instruments, and Law and Economics.  The workshop is designed to benefit property law teachers at all levels of experience.  Our speakers and group leaders will include many of the most prominent and established people in the field, and also a substantial number of newer voices.

The early bird registration deadline is this Friday, May 21.  See the website to register.  Hope to see you all there!

Matt Festa

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