Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sandercock and Lebovits on NY Landlord-Tenant Law for the Transactional Attorney

Margaret B. Sandercock (Goodfarb & Sandercock) and Gerald B Lebovits (Judge, NYC Civil Court & adjunct prof, St. John's & Columbia) have posted New York Residential Landlord-Tenant Law 101 for the Transactional Attorney, forthcoming in Real Property Law Journal, Summer 2010From the introduction:

This article spots some of the most common landlord-tenant issues that transactional attorneys should recognize so that they can assess the proposed purchase, consult with a landlord-tenant specialist if necessary, and take action required at closing. The attorney’s prepurchase research, which may be conducted pre-contract or during a due-diligence period with a right of cancellation after the contract is signed,

should be conducted simultaneously with other due diligence and supplements an engineering report and physical inspection of the entire building.

The article examines several due diligence issues related to land use regulation.  Looks like a good guide for anyone interested in working in the area. 

Matt Festa

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