Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gelinas on blight justifications for eminent domain in NY

Nicole Gelinas has an article at City Journal called Eminent Domain as Central Planning: wielding creative definitions of blight, New York runs roughshod over property rights and uproots viable neighborhoods.  Not surprisingly, her story focuses on Atlantic Yards, but also mentions NYC eminent domain controversies in Harlem (Columbia U.) and Queens.  Her take:

Eminent-domain abuse, dangerous though it is, is a symptom of a deeper problem: government officials’ belief that central planning is superior to free-market competition. That’s what New York has decided in each of its current eminent-domain cases. In Brooklyn, high-rise towers and an arena are better than a historic low-rise neighborhood; in Harlem, an elite university’s expansion project is better than continued private investment; and in Willets Point, Queens, almost anything is better than grubby body shops.

Thanks to Joel Rodriguez for the pointer.

Matt Festa


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