Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Land Use Bowl

I'm glad the Saints won, from a land use perspective, because New Orleans is a great city, an urban historical gem, and despite Brad Pitt's best efforts, the city is still struggling to come back from Katrina's damage to its infrastructure and its neighborhoods.  Or maybe it's because of Houston's Gulf Coast proximity and shared hurricane experiences, or my sympathy for the French Quarter gift shops' position in the intellectual property dispute over Who Dat?.   

It also occurred to me during the game that football is itself sort of a land use issue.  The game seems to be at its essence a dispute over land.  Each team tries to possess the other's land while excluding the opponents from its own.  While the two parties dispute their rights over the land with respect to each other, the officials enforce a code of regulations about how both teams may use their territory.  Then outside the field, you have all of the actual real-world issues of zoning, eminent domain, transit, TIFs, and other policy issues that revolve around the stadiums and the logistics of the games.  Perhaps there's an article topic there for someone?  Anyway, congratulations to New Orleans.

Matt Festa

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