Thursday, February 4, 2010

Property and Space from a Different Angle

Matt Festa posted last week about a dispute over property falling from space.  Today my architecture source (you know who you are) sent me a link to an article from the NY Times on-line entitled, "Space: It's Still a Frontier."  This article, however, is about an entirely different kind of space - the underutilized, trash-strewn, unmaintained space amid urban greenspace.  Or, abandoned mall space.  Or empty foreclosed homes, block after block.  It's a wide-ranging piece about all the ways in which we fail to use land wisely, and the economic and environmental consequences.  The piece also discusses how creative folks are using GIS and other tools to map those spaces and consider solutions to this land use dysfunction.  I'm not the most visual person in the world (which is weird for a land use lawyer) but I know that the tools the planners, designers and mappers bring to our work is incredibly valuable.  In fact, earlier this week I blogged briefly about some of the excellent work being done by UGA Environment & Design professor Alfie Vick and his students in collaboration with our clients.  You can view video, maps and other resources about their work here.  Their work is invaluable in helping communities envision a better future.

Jamie Baker Roskie

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