Sunday, November 1, 2009

Urban Lawyer, Vol. 41 No. 3

The most recent issue of the Urban Lawyer (Vol. 41, No. 3) has been published.  Looks like there are several interesting land use articles in the table of contents, including:

Regulatory Takings and Free Trade Agreements: Implications for Planners, MILDRED E. WARNER, p.427        

Recent Developments in Regulatory Takings Jurisprudence, CHRISTOPHER M. WHITCOMB AND MARY LYNN HUETT

Recent Trend in Green Buildings Laws: Potential Preemption of Green Building and Whether Retrofitting Existing Buildings Will Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Save the Economy, ERIN BURG HUPP, p.489     

What the Meaning of "May" May Be: Recent Developments in Judicial Review of Land Use Regulation of Cellular Telecommunications Facilities under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, ROBERT B. FOSTER, p.501 

Recent Developments in Exactions and Impact Fees, W. ANDREW GOWDER, JR. AND BRYAN W. WENTER, p.513        

2009 Ethical Considerations in Land Use, PATRICIA E. SALKIN, p.529       

Recent Developments in Comprehensive Planning Law, EDWARD J. SULLIVAN, p.547       

Recent Developments in Public Use and Pretext in Eminent Domain, ROBERT H. THOMAS,  p.563

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