Tuesday, October 20, 2009

St. Andrews needs preservation?

The Wall Street Journal has an article about the dilapidated state of one of the most prominent and historic buildings at St. Andrews, the Home of Golf:

For one of golf's most famous buildings, Hamilton Hall in St. Andrews, Scotland, is looking pretty shabby these days. Its red sandstone façade is still impressive, especially when lit by the late-day sun. The building looms over the 18th green of the celebrated Old Course and, more pointedly, over the clubhouse of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club across the street. (Thomas Hamilton, who had Jewish roots, commissioned the grand structure in the 1890s, as a hotel, after being rejected for membership by the R&A.) But peek around back and you'll find broken windows, boarded-up doors and blight. Inside, rubble mounts past the wainscots of rooms with ornate ceilings, dangling wires and invaluable views of the world's most famous links.

Don't say "blight"!!!  An interesting read and points to ponder about HP, even if you're not a golf fan.

It does remind me of Justice Scalia's dissenting opinion lamenting the establishment of Federal Golf

Thanks to Tim Zinnecker for the pointer. 

Matt Festa


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