Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recent Land Use Scholarship Roundup

Here are links to some new or forthcoming articles related to land use that have been posted recently on SSRN:

Michael C. Blumm (Lewis & Clark), The Public Trust Doctrine: A Twenty-First Century Concept, Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law & Policy.

Robert C. Ellickson (Yale), Legal Constraints on Household Moves: Should Footloose Americans Envy the Rooted French?, (working paper).

Teri Fair (Suffolk--Political Science), Assessing the Impact of Land-Use Policies on Urban Community Resilience, (working paper). 

James J. Kelly, Jr. (Baltimore), Land Trusts that Conserve Communities, DePaul Law Review.

George Lefcoe (USC), After Kelo, Curbing Opportunistic TIF-Driven Economic Development: Forgoing Ineffectual Blight Tests; Empowering Property Owners and School Districts, Tulane Law Review.

John Copeland Nagle (Notre Dame), Cell Phone Towers as Visual Pollution, Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, & Public Policy.

Patricia Salkin (Albany), Modernization of New York's Land Use Laws Continues to Meet Growing Challenges of Sustainability, Pace Law Review.

Peter W. Salsich (Saint Louis), National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Legislation: The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Also Hits RentersGeorgetown Journal on Poverty Law Policy. 

Christopher Serkin (Brooklyn), Entrenching Environmentalism: Private Conservation Easements Over Public Land, University of Chicago Law Review.

- Matt Festa

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