Monday, October 5, 2009

Land Planning Class Simulation Continued...

As I blogged before, this semester I'm having my Land Planning and Development students engage in a simulated infill development project in a small group setting.

Today, we're headed on one of our site visits to the traditional neighborhood development in Montgomery known as Hampstead.  This DPZ-designed community is filled with a mixture of uses--from agriculture (an all natural farm) to denser commercial and residential units.  We'll examine the legal and regulatory issues faced by this type of development diversity. 

So far, this is our 4th site visit class and I've found that the students really seem engaged when we're in the field.  That makes sense.  After all, land development is a very hands-on area of law. 

In addition to the site visits, as part of the course, each of the four small groups have also created their own blog.  The assignment related to this was purposefully general:  create and keep a blog that discusses interesting issues/events that come up during the course as part of the development simulation.

If interested, you can follow those blogs here, here, here, and here.

Chad Emerson

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I do neighborhood tours in my Sprawl and the Law seminar (mostly of older Jacksonville neighborhoods, since there's not much TND action here) and the students love it!

Posted by: Mike Lewyn | Oct 5, 2009 2:58:12 PM