Friday, April 20, 2007

Two states, two cities, two visions for transit …

Kansascity   There is lore among tort layers about line-crossing auto accident cases on State Line Road, a major route that is literally astride the border of the two Kansas Citys –- one Missouri and one in Kansas.  Which state’s law applies to an accident with a vehicle partially in Kansas and partially in Missouri?  If this is a difficult decision, imagine trying to get interstate cooperation about a better public transportation system in the greater KC area.  Funding and route-mapping has to be done in both states and involves many levels of government, as reported in the Kansas City Star.  Among many complicating issues is that the Kansas side tends to be more suburban and often more affluent (and perhaps more skeptical of transit) than the Missouri side. 

   The states have already instituted a bi-state tax system, but the money can only be used for sports, arts, and cultural activities.  (Take a guess which been in the greatest demand.)   Another complication is the on-going battle between, on one hand, rail plans, often favored by visionaries (and voters), and, on the other hand, improved bus routes, often supported by those with more practical notions.

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