Friday, April 13, 2007

No more slam dunks?

   While downtown Chicago worries about façade-ectomies, a suburb worries about basketball hoops.  According to this article, the zoning laws of Crystal Lake, an exurb northwest of Chicago, define a freestanding basketball hoop as an accessory structure, which is prohibited in the front yard.  Although a former mayor has applied for a variance and a permit, the city does not seem anxious to enforce the rule against hoops-playing residents of the city.

Bsaeketballhoop    In most deed-restricted communities, of course, a thing such as a basketball hoop in the front yard would be unthinkable.  With the rise of such communities, is it any wonder that even our pro male hoopsters can’t win the Olympics anymore?  … But maybe we can still be competitive in video gaming …

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