Thursday, March 22, 2007

The globe, moving towards a land use norm …

  As globalization advances, variances in the world’s land use laws converge to a global mean.  It's another example of the idea of "best practices" changing behavior across the planet.  Here are two interesting stories from different parts of the globe. 

   First, China is becoming less communist, as it is changing its laws to allow for more protections of what is in effect private property.  Included among the new rights are powers granted to homeowners associations to work collectively to enforce common private interests.

Autobahn    Second, the European Union is beginning to pressure Germany to impose speed limits on its famously unregulated autobahns.  Slowing down cars would cut gas consumption and cut the emission of greenhouse gasses.  Many Germans are vigorously opposed, of course, to taking away their special privilege.

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