Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Historic preservation ... private-style ...

  Privatization of works that government won’t or can’t do, or can’t do as well, is part of the Berkeleychruchmodern world.  While at one time associated with conservative politics, which touts the benefits of private competition, informal privatization now includes the spending of money that government simply doesn’t want to spend, but that public-spirited private benefactors ARE willing to spend.

Pigeonpoint The latest example of privatization is in historic preservation.  American Express is providing $1 million in preservation funds for historic buildings in the San Francisco Bay area, according to the Oakland Tribune.  In good Bay style, the buildings are being selected with the help of a recent online vote.  The top vote-getter was Berkeley’s 1910 First Church of Christ, Scientist (see top photo); third place was the Pigeon Point lighthouse on the Pacific (see bottom photo). 

  Okay, historic preservation advocates –- Let’s not have everyone e-mailing the Google billionaires all at once …            


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